Skyrocket CBD Sales With SEO

SEO Blueprint For CBD

If you are an entrepreneur selling CBD oil on the Internet, then you may be struggling in generating quality traffic to your website. One of the biggest challenges with paid advertising is that most of the advertising platforms do not allow CBD oil ads. There are multiple reasons behind the same, but we are not going into those. In this detailed article will focus on steps that you can implement to skyrocket your CBD oil sales by utilising simple SEO techniques. Please keep in mind that CBD Oil SEO is a marathon. It’s more like a pyramid that is upside down. Initially, you have to put a lot of effort to generate traffic, but as time passes, consistent traffic will start. It will eventually begin resulting in quality sales. A realistic turn around time of 3-6 Months should be right enough to see traffic growth.

Domain Name With SEO Effect

The domain name plays a critical role in educating the search robots about the intent of your business. Technically speaking, you should avoid putting numbers and special symbols in the domain name. Shorter the domain name better it is in terms of rankings. We recommend our customers to utilise partial match domain name(PMD), which is a combination of the brand name as well as the industry or product type. This helps in easily guiding the robots about the line of business and also about the brand of the company. In case if you already have a domain name and your website is operational, then you can skip the step.

Web Server, CMS, CDN, Security Plugin And Backup

The web server plays the most crucial role in the rankings of your websites. We say this because to fight the competition; you will need a robust hosting. Entrepreneurs should not compromise on the quality of the Webserver. High uptime and Speed always tells the search engines that your website is professionally managed and works without any delay or downtime. Your website should load faster than your competition. A dedicated server or a virtual private server or even a cloud server can solve this purpose. Apart from the Webserver, you should also look at the CMS content management system. This is the platform which allows you to manage the frontend and backend of the site. One of the easiest CMS that we recommend to all of our customers is WordPress with the combination of woo-commerce. The WordPress platform is straightforward to create pages and posts. With the woo-commerce plugin, it’s quite easy for you to create products and add variations.
One should also keep in mind that most of the CBD oil payment service providers offer ready to use plugins for WordPress. A CDN helps a website to reduce the page load speed. Search engines rank websites on over 200 different parameters; one of the parameters is page speed. A combination of perfect Webserver with CDN and fast loading CMS helps the site to resolve quickly and beat the competition.

As the traffic on your site will start increasing, you will possibly see a massive amount of brute force attack on your website. To reduce the possibility of any website security compromise, you must use a security plugin. For the WordPress platform, you can look at the Wordfence security plugin. In coming years you will create hundreds of pages to grab traffic on your website but what if one day your website crashes and you not able to recreate it. You must have a backup plugin on your site we recommend you to you evaluate updraft plugin.

Speed Optimisation

For your CBD oil eCommerce website, you can use Gzip compression on your Linux server. Maintaining a lower proportion of code in comparison to text is a good practice. Search engines rank websites that have less code and more information. You can look at the example of Wikipedia the website offers tremendous knowledge but is very low on codes. The site utilises simple coding to deliver maximum information to the user. This means that you as a website developer should reduce the usage of CSS, JavaScript and other coding elements as much as possible. Keep in mind that your website must be responsive as more than 50% of the traffic these days is from mobile devices. Switch off some elements of the pages if they are not useful on mobile devices. To increase the website speed, you can also utilise caching plugins and Cloudflare services.

Keywords For SEO

To start the SEO for any website, you must initially create a list of keywords on which you want to focus. The file will work as the foundation for your on-page and off-page SEO activities. To quickly grab the list of keywords, you can check online tools like Infinitesuggest. This tool helps you to find out the words that are used by users. Once you have the list then it’s time for you to prioritise. You should focus on high competition keywords that help your competitors to generate business. Many Search Engine Optimisation experts would say that initially, you should focus on low competition and low search volume keywords. Our approach is a bit different we understand that if the fundamentals of your website are correct with good content, then there is a huge possibility that your content will automatically rank. After segregating the most essential and less essential keywords, it’s time for you to start drafting content. You can create pages for those keywords that are important, and you can create posts for those keywords that are less important. To generate interest among the visitors you can use titles that will create curiosity. We recommend you to evaluate online title generators to create attractive titles for your blog posts and pages.


When you create content, you need to evaluate the top 10 pages that are ranking for that specific keyword. This will help you to identify the average content length. The way we do it here at Wemakeportals for our CBD oil clients is by adding the content length of the top 10 pages and then dividing it by 10. This usually gives us the optimum average value. Apart from this we also use some premium tools that help us to identify the suggested content-length and related keywords. Now that you know the suggested content-length you need to create content with all the related keywords on the same page. Please note that if you create long content on your website then there’s a huge possibility that your page may rank for multiple keywords.


Every page must have only one H1 tag. When we take projects from our clients for CBD oil SEO we do a pre-check. In many cases, we realise that customers are using more than one H1 tag on pages. This is a big no-no in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. Your pages and posts should only one H1. The H2, H3, H4 and H5 can be many depending upon the structure of the page. You can try to create headings in conjunction with related keywords. Please keep in mind that you can also use synonyms of the main keyword in headings. Search engines are extremely intelligent and that is why avoid keyword stuffing keep it as natural as possible as a matter of fact we have seen pages ranking high with a Keyword percentage of 1% to 2%.

Internal Linking Of CBD Posts and Pages. Link Juice Movement

As mentioned earlier in the article that it’s a long term activity when it comes to SEO. It means you will be creating hundreds and thousands of pages in the next five years. You will have to create a proper linking channel. You must consider the main pages of your website as cornerstone pages. Other pages/posts that are related to the main pages must move the link juice in the right direction. This can be done by internal linking. One should implement a proper internal linking strategy so that they utilise all the related keywords to link to the main cornerstone page.

External Linking

Many Search Engine Optimisation companies and experts will refrain from adding external links to the client website. In our case, we encourage clients to add external links as well. Having said that we ensure that the links are not pointed to competitor websites. Rather these links will be pointing to high domain authority websites that give even more detailed information about the industry, product, regulations, trends and news. There is a possibility that some of these websites may be interested in linking back to your site as well. If this happens then this can be considered a proper reciprocal link.

Sharing On Social Media Pages

Whenever you create content on the website make sure that you float it on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The reason why we recommend this is that these are few of the most reputed websites on the Internet when you share your website link on these pages then there is a huge possibility that search engine robots will find the links and immediately crawl your pages. This is a whitehat way of pinging the search engines. We do not encourage our clients to use pinging services as this may sometimes have a negative impact on the rankings of the pages.

Google My Business

Google my business helps you to easily acquire local customers. Your Google My Business page must be updated. You must post regularly on the same. When you post on Google my business page use hashtags also. You can use hashtagging on social media pages as well. Google my business offers tremendous benefits to sites of all types including CBD oil business. You must give a little bit time to your profile and try to add maximum information including your opening and closing hours.

Offpage SEO Activities.

When you perform off-page activities you have to be very careful. Many Search Engine Optimisation companies will claim that they will help you get better rankings by creating a massive number of backlinks but as a matter of fact, it hardly works. Google is intelligent enough to understand how the links are created this is why you should keep your backlink profile as natural as possible. A couple of activities that we do for our clients include writing relevant answers on Yahoo Answers and Quora. Although this may not help websites in attaining a better ranking immediately this can certainly help in case if you are interested in getting relevant traffic. Apart from this, we recommend sharing coupon codes on the different deal and coupon sharing websites.

Guest Posting

You should write aggressively on blogs that are related to your industry these articles can be health articles as well as industry news articles. Initially, this may be difficult but as you start writing it will become extremely easy for you this will also help you as an author to gain a reputation in the industry. Whenever you create a backlink on this guest posting sites either create a branded link or create a naked link. You can also create links in your bio.

This was a small article about Search Engine Optimisation for CBD oil websites. If you want a professional team to handle SEO for your business then feel free to fill the free SEO audit form. Our team will run some test and deliver an audit report for your website.

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